Friday Fun: Books vs. Kindle vs. Zombies

May 29 2009 Published by under friday fun

Bookgasm is a great site that reviews a lot of fun reading in all kinds of genres. As the name indicates, they don't necessarily take themselves too seriously either.

About a month ago they had a post on Paper or Plastic?: The Books vs. Kindle Showdown that is absolutely hilarious. It's a 10 item smackdown on the usefulness of owning 200 paper books versus the Kindle in various life-changing moments. Often somehow involving zombies.

In any case, here's a taste:

Government experimentation has caused the dead to rise up from their cold and lonely graves and stalk the living in search of sweet, nourishing brains. Thanks to some lucky breaks, you find yourself safe inside a secure location with plenty of food and water. Unfortunately, due to the rushed nature of the emergency, a necessary ration of toilet paper was not included amongst your supplies.

Books: Used wisely, the pages from 200 books could easily last you until a solution is found to finally bring an end to the terrible zombie holocaust.

Kindle: Lacking any absorbency, the hard, plastic Kindle is not only going to become unbearably disgusting after just one use, but even with the greatest of care will likely prove highly irritating to that extremely sensitive part of the human anatomy.

Winner: Books

I won't tell you who wins out overall, but it's a close one!

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  • Kaethe says:

    See, this is exactly why I follow librarian blogs. Because I need to know which is more useful in the zombie apocalypse. Librarians know everything worth knowing.

  • Reader Admin says:

    The Kindle Reader is a wireless handheld device for all the book lovers. If there was no kindle reader in the lastdays, well. I would just carry paper magazine reviews of the Sony Reader to fresh'in up with.

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